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    Client Testimonies

    Excellent Training

    I have been with Carleton Realty since August of 2002. What I love about working for this company is the excellent training, the Real Estate knowledge that Bob and Diana shares, the low fees are low and there is no pressure from the owners. The staff has always be polite, professional and addresses all the questions you have during a transaction. Even after office house Bob and Diana are accessible to answer questions (except with they are on a cruise). What I love the most is company is that Bob and Diana don’t just see you as an agent. They see you and treat you as a person. If you make an error they don’t berate you or belittle you. They correct you in a professional and respectful manner.   They are two very genuine people that really care about you and your well being.  Bob, Diana and Carleton Realty was there for me during a very tragic time in my family’ life when my daughter passed away of cancer. For that I am forever grateful. There is nothing another brokerage can do for me that Carleton Realty can’t.

     Ian Alls

    Ian Alls (Licensed Since 2002)

    Quality Resources that are Unmatched in the Industry

    The company culture is an extension of family. Carleton promotes your success with quality resources that are unmatched in the industry to include training, experience, continuing education, and exciting company meetings. All of the resources provided are relevant with a present broker in transactions.

    Christopher Heilman (Licensed Since 2016)

    You Become “Family” – Not a Number

    What I like most about “Carleton Realty” is the friendly and supportive staff! It seems as though every transaction has its own issues, and even though I’ve been licensed since 2011, I’m still learning. It’s nice to know you can call the office for help, and they will not make you feel like a burden! You become “family” – not a number!

    Susie Herr (Licensed Since 2011)

    I Needed a Brokerage that was Flexible

    I needed a brokerage that was flexible with my other ventures. Carleton provided a structure that allows me to perform parallel with my efforts in other areas. If I need training, then Bob our broker, whom is also a professor, teaches us.

    Casey Benedict (Licensed Since 2015)

    The Staff is so Helpful

    I have worked as an Agent for Carleton Realty for over 6 years. The staff has been so helpful in my learning and growth. Bob’s leadership as our Broker is the best.

    Jack Banks (Licensed Since 2010)

    Ode to Carleton

    From many well traveled years to now being a newbie
    The learning curves and technology makes a person quite meek
    But broker and great staff are surely the key
    To handle people and problems with some fun that we all seek
    This amazing agency is the place that I am happy to be

    Harry Timmerman (Licensed Since 2016)

    Carleton Realty Stresses Customer Service

    What I like most about Carleton Realty is the welcoming environment. When I first met with Carleton, it felt like being part of a family, not just another number in the system. Carleton has tremendous training for their agents and support for their clients. Carleton Realty stresses CUSTOMER SERVICE, making every clients’ experience exceptional.

    Daniel Hartman (Licensed Since 2016)

    We Have Each Other’s Backs

    I have been to a lot of training classes and spoken to agents affiliated with other brokerages, and I have heard so many complain about the lack of training that their brokerages provide. One agent even said “they just hired me and basically told me to go sell houses!” I have more than the required continuing education credits needed for my license because of all of the available classes offered at Carleton! Even with all of the training, each new client brings its own challenges. I am always going to Kay or Christina with a number of questions or additional help. They have been amazing! Not to mention the times I have called Bob or Diana directly after hours or on weekends. Whether it’s a call or a text – They ALWAYS respond within minutes. I have formed bonds with many of the agents at Carleton. We have each other’s backs, and never have I ever felt that the agents were competing against each other (which is also a problem I have heard agents at other brokerages complain about). If one of our agents needs someone to hold an Open House or show houses for them while on vacation, there are always multiple offers from our other Carleton agents to step-in and help.

    Liz Loew (Licensed Since 2015)

    You Never Feel like You’re Out there by Yourself

    I love working for Carleton Realty – it is a great company, with great people. The staff is very helpful. Everyone in our office is just like family. The training is awesome! You never feel like you’re out there by yourself. Anything you need is just a phone call away! Of course, Bob, our Broker, is awesome too! Great company to work for!

    Laura Enright (Licensed Since 2014)

    Flexible Free Training & CE

    My decision to join Carleton Realty was based on the integrity, honesty, and good reputation of the company. Not only is our broker, Bob Kutschbach, the best instructor, he also makes himself available to agents. The staff is always helpful and extremely knowledgeable, providing great support for the agents. The flexibility of the free training and CE classes is great, and I love working with Carleton Realty!

    Nancy Pugh (Licensed Since 2014)
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