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What You Need to Know About Real vs. Personal Property

Bob Kutschbach, owner and broker of Carleton Realty, Talks about the difference between real property vs. personal property. When buying or selling a home you must understand what stays with the property when the home transfers ownership. This can get a little confusing and it is best to listen to your REALTORĀ® when deciding what is real property.

There are a few rules to know about real vs. personal property. The first rule is that if it is permanently attached to the home it stays with the home. So anything that is glued, nailed or screwed to the home is considered real property.

The second rule is that it is an item that is custom made for the home it is real property and transfers with the sale of the home. For example, a window air conditioner that is installed through a hole that is cut into the wall is considered real property and stays. If the window air conditioner is installed in the window it is considered personal property and should be removed when the home sells. A custom made microwave cabinet on casters that is made to match the kitchen cabinets would be considered real property since it was custom made especially for the home.

The third rule has to do with how things are installed in the home. If something is easily removed then it is intended to be personal property and should be taken before the home closes. For example, a light fixture that hangs from a hook and plugs into an outlet in the wall is intended to be personal property since it is easily removed.

The fourth rule is the most import! If there are any questions about an item being personal or real property put it in the contract. Anything agreed to in the contract trumps all the other rules!

There are always certain items that always cause confusion. Ceiling fans are considered light fixtures and should stay. Showerheads are installed permanently and should stay. If you are selling a home and want an item, be sure to switch it out before you list the home.

If you are buying or selling a home and need some advice on the property give us a call!

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