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7 Must-Do Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The end of winter is quickly approaching. After a long winter, your home needs a few routine maintenance tasks to keep it in tip-top shape. Spring maintenance can be a great way to enjoy getting outside and freshening up the interior too!

  • Clean out the gutters – Spring generally has more rain than other seasons. Protect your foundation and basement by ensuring that your gutter and downspout system is clear of debris and working properly.
  • Replace your furnace filter – After a long winter of your home being closed up, your furnace filter needs to be changed. This is especially true if you have a wood-burning fireplace and pets.
  • Install your window screens – It will soon be time to open our windows, letting in the fresh air. Clean and inspect your window screens for damage. No one wants spring’s other guests…bugs!
  • Tune-up your lawnmower – Grass growing time is here. Be sure to check your lawnmower’s oil and spark plugs.  Sharpening the blade is important too, for the health of your lawn.
  • Inspect your roof – Winter storms can damage your roof. Make sure to do a visual check of your shingles, getting repairs done on any loose, missing or damaged sections.
  • Check your sump pump –  Extra rain in the spring can lead to flooding. Ensure your basement stays dry by making sure that your sump pump is working.
  • Have your chimney cleaned – After using your fireplace all winter, the creosote build-up can be dangerous when you start burning again.  Have your local chimney sweep come and clean.

If you have any questions about home maintenance call us!

And a bonus tip!

  • Clean out your birdhouses –  cleaning out old nests can encourage new species to nest in your birdhouses!

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