Agent Testimonies

    My Business has Grown Exponentially Each Year

    “After 6 years in this business, I count myself very fortunate to have signed on with Carleton Realty. The training is top notch and the support from both the staff and other agents in the office is invaluable! My Broker, Bob Kutschbach knows every aspect of this business and is willing to share that knowledge and work with us individually to ensure that we as agents are successful. I can’t imagine working for any other brokerage!

    ”  – Gay Gatian (Licensed Since 2011)

    Gay Gatian


    Carleton Provided Just What I Needed!

    “Choosing Carleton Realty was the best choice I could have made when beginning my career in real estate. After completing the courses and passing the exam, I knew that I still needed training and guidance in order to serve my clients efficiently. Carleton provided just what I needed! The office staff is always available and promptly responds to questions that I have as they arise. Carleton also offers comprehensive training on a wide variety of real estate topics which has helped me to gain the knowledge I need to best serve my clients.”  – Lauren Henley (Licensed Since 2015)

    Lauren Henley


    Organization that Prides itself on Professional Ethics

    “I enjoy being associated with an organization that prides itself on professional ethics and current industry and event training. I also share the broker’s passion with training in the real estate industry and reaching down in the details to understand the “why” behind financial forces and how they could impact our industry. The Carleton Realty team of agents is a great team to work with, but it is the knowledgeable and friendly staff that help to make my career a huge success.  I look forward to this dynamic market in the coming year. ” – Larry Bush (Licensed Since 2005)

    Larry Bush


    There are No Excuses not to be Successful at Carleton

    “Carleton Realty has stood out to me as a big family, always willing to help one another even in such a competitive industry. Bob has been a great mentor and coach, and the Carleton Staff have been top notch with their knowledgeable support. As an agent, there are no excuses not to be successful at Carleton. There are so many classes available at different times which allows the flexibility for training and interaction with fellow team members. I have been with Carleton 5+ years, and have worked with other agencies, and can say that this office and team was the right decision. If you want to be a part of a team, be seen as a person and not a number, then Carleton Realty is the best agency for such a career.”  – David Gearhart (Licensed Since 2009)

    David Gerhart


    Day or Night, Someone is Always there to Help

    “I love working for Carleton Realty! From day one, they have been focused on my education and helping me grow in my real estate career. I love the fact that I can call and ask any questions day or night and someone is always there to help. Also, I’ve never been in such a “team” environment before where all of the agents are truly there to help and support others. Carleton’s environment truly fosters and breeds teamwork and success!” – Jennifer Martinez (Licensed Since 2014)

    Jennifer Martinez


    The Office Staff is Amazing

    “Bob is such an intelligent, respectable guy, and I knew right away that this was the broker I wanted to work with and learn from. The office staff, as well as Bob and Diana, are all amazing! They are always available to answer questions, encourage you, and even compliment you for a job well done. It is definitely a family type atmosphere. I enjoy setting my own work schedule, not being required in the office for “office hours”, as well as not being nickeled and dimed for every little thing. My family has enjoyed many outings complements of Carleton! I am definitely where I am meant to be!” -Chanda Henwood (Licensed Since 2015)

    Chanda Henwood


    A Knowledgeable Broker is Key

    “I have been a real estate agent for 20 years, and I have been with the same broker. There is a reason for that: Bob Kutschbach. He is very easy to talk to, and he is very knowledgeable. Those two qualities seldom belong to the same person. He cares about his agents, and he is always looking for ways to improve the company. ”  – Daniel Thompson (Licensed Since 1996)

    Daniel Thompson


    Bob’s Vast & Articulate Knowledge Impressed Me

    “I met Real Estate Jedi Bob prior to becoming a REALTOR® at a ‘Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investments’ class open to the public. His vast and articulate knowledge of investment real estate immediately impressed me. Once a REALTOR®, I was proud to associate myself with Bob and Carleton Realty for their long history of professionalism, knowledge, diversity and exceptionalism.”  – Lars Johansson (Licensed since 2004)

    Lars Johansson


    Agents are Friendly & Helpful

    “Being a part of the Carleton Realty family, I have met and worked with a lot of friendly and helpful agents. Everyone at Carleton will pitch in to make sure a deal works from holding your listings open to helping each other with clients when an agent can’t be in two places at once! Carleton takes care of their agents by providing informative workshops to keep their agents connected. I look forward to the Annual Banquet where awards are given to the top agents, and you receive a ticket for every property closed for a chance to win a spot on the annual company cruise.”   – Gwendolyn McClure (Licensed Since 2008)

    Gwendolyn McClure


    24 Hour Support is Available at Carleton Realty

    “People always ask me why I decided to work for a Columbus based company when I live in Northeast Ohio. The answer is simple… The training! I always say who better to work for and learn from than a broker who not only owns his own real estate company, but has taught real estate classes for over 25 years. Working for a family owned, non-franchise brokerage has its advantages: the 24 hour licensed staff support and our broker Bob, who is always on call. Being able to call your broker directly and ask him any question in this business is rare, but at Carleton Realty it’s encouraged.” – Ashley Martin (Licensed Since 2014)

    Ashley Martin


    They Care for Every Agent as if they were Family

    “Working for Bob and Diana at Carleton Realty has been great. They care about every agent and staff member just as they would family. With Bob being a real estate educator, the in-house training for new and seasoned agents is superb. There are plenty of benefits for top producers too with giveaways and trip incentives every year. Great place to work!”  – CJ Funk (Licensed Since 2010)

    CJ Funk


    I have been with Carleton Realty from Day One

    “I have had my Real Estate License for 3 years & have been with Carleton Realty from day one.  It’s a great real estate company to be a part of.  It is led by a great broker, Bob Kutschbach & his wife Diana, who is also a huge part of the success & retention of this company. I really like the fact that they offer free training not only to new agents, but experienced agents as well!” – Sharon Lightle (Licensed Since 2013)

    Sharon Lightle


    Carleton Realty has a Culture of Unlimited Opportunity to All People

    “I have been with Carleton Realty for 10 years. During that time, I have been able to brand myself as “The Real Estate Wrangler” and create the professional environment, successes, and awards that I desired to achieve from day one. You can only succeed as an individual if your company has strong sustained growth, and the resources necessary to succeed year after year.

    Our Broker Bob, and his wife Diana are first-class professionals who are just as much interested in the success of their agents as they are of themselves. The in-house support staff is knowledgeable, pro-active, and helpful in every way possible. The fees we agents pay for insurance and services are extremely reasonable and some of the lowest in the industry. One of the many roles Bob has is he teaches a variety of classes in the real estate industry. His knowledge and experience of the industry is second to none and is also just a phone call away. His commitment to each office, each staff member, and each agent (new or seasoned) is consistent and long-standing. This is a company of integrity. The first day I met Bob we talked for a while and eventually struck a deal. We looked each other in the eye and shook hands. Here it is 10 years later and the terms of our agreement, consummated only by a handshake, has never wavered. 

    Looking at the company overall, (for me) the one thing that stands out above everything else at Carleton Realty is the Kutschbachs’ conscious desire and success in creating a private company that has incredible diversity among its people. Carleton Realty has a culture of unlimited opportunity to all people from all walks of life. 

    I am proud to be a Carleton agent.”  – Andy Horn (Licensed Since 2004)

    Andy Horn


    The Culture Has Helped Me Thrive

    “The culture at Carleton Realty has helped me thrive as a REALTOR®. There is a lot of coaching, teaching and encouragement in a pressure free environment that produces success. “ – Perfect Nutor (Licensed Since 2006)

    Perfect Nutor


    Carleton Offers Excellent Training

    “Working for Carleton Realty the past eight and a half years has been a joy.  Great broker, staff, and agents who care about one another, and work well together without drama. Commissions are very fair and the brokerage provides excellent training for those who need and want it. They also provide continuing education for agents to maintain their licenses. I am constantly called upon by other brokerages to work for them, and my standard comment is, “I have no reason to want to leave where I am…I am happy.”  – Debbi Popo (Licensed Since 2008)

    Debbie Popo


    Carleton Realty Provided Me with the Tools to be More Profitable

    “Before coming to Carleton Realty, my operating expenses-State, Local and National fees, supplies, services subscriptions, and even basic office miscellaneous expenses, made it difficult to operate profitably.  Carleton Realty provided me with the tools and services that significantly cut my expenses to assist me to be more profitable. A number of premium services which I was paying for, are now provided by Carleton Realty at no additional fee.”  – Franklyn Suliveres (Licensed Since 2014)

    Franklyn Suliveres


    A Broker that Believes Integrity is Number One

    “After working for a “National Company” in another state, I knew I wanted something different when I moved to Ohio. I was looking for several things; a broker that believes integrity is number one, the ability to build my business without breaking the bank, and a company that believes continuous training is vital to the success of their agents. I found all three with Bob Kutschbach and the office staff at Carleton Realty.”  – Dianna Bourque (Licensed Since 2013)

    Dianna Bourque


    Carleton Realty is a Market Leader

    “Carleton Realty is a market leader with a personal touch. The staff at Carleton Realty is very knowledgeable and always willing to share that knowledge with extensive weekly training along with regular communication updates. Everyone at Carleton Realty wants each other to succeed which creates a pleasant work environment and produces a positive synergy that helps catapult agents to new levels.”  – Rodney Rohr (Licensed Since 2005)

    Rodney Rohr


    The Training Opportunities have Exceeded Expectations

    “I have really enjoyed being a Carleton Realty agent for the last 18 months. I initially chose Carleton for the training and the absence of monthly fees. The training opportunities have exceeded expectations, and the entire staff is so patient, and such a pleasure to work with! They may find all my questions annoying, but they hide it well. I have also enjoyed the diversity of our agents, and how supportive they are to one another. Overall, it has been a very successful and enjoyable start to my real estate career.”  – Jen Carline (Licensed Since 2015)

    Jen Carline


    It has been My Pleasure to be Part of the Carleton Team

    “For years I have been fortunate to be part of the superb company, Carleton Realty. When I hear the name Carleton Realty, I visualize Bob and Diana Kutschbach along with their accredited and available staff. The Kutschbachs’ honesty, integrity, knowledge, and overall great experience is what Carleton Realty means to me. It has been my pleasure to be part of the Carleton team.”  – John Grady (Licensed Since 2003)

    John Grady


    Personalized Attention

    “As a Carleton agent I have always been impressed with the personalized attention from Bob as Owner/Broker. The commitment to real estate education and industry standards has always been a priority with Bob at Carleton.”  – Gary Ubry (Licensed Since 1987)



    Choosing Carleton Realty was the Best Decision

    “Choosing Carleton Realty was one of the best decisions I have made for my real estate career. The broker and the staff knowledge is immeasurable, and the support and guidance you receive is priceless. They are always training, educating, and keep us up to date on the changes in the industry. The fees are minimal, and the rewards are great.”  – Theresa Meyers (Licensed Since 2015)

    Theresa Meyers


    Being a Part of Carleton Realty is being a Part of a Huge and Diverse Family

    “Being a part of Carleton Realty is being a part of a huge and diverse family. The training and education is unlimited, and everyone is always willing to help you. I am so glad that I chose Carleton! All of the agents and staff are so supportive and will be your biggest fan.”  – Dawn Hayes (Licensed Since 2016)

    Dawn Hayes


    Calls that won’t be Ignored

    “Being a REALTOR® is not easy, especially if you’re going solo. However, under Bob, our broker, and the help of the team members like Diana, Christina and Kay, you’ll get the support to make your business life easier. Free classes that you can take advantage of, and calls that won’t be ignored. I am happy to have joined this family. I can’t wait to be on the cruise – one of the benefits you can earn at Carleton Realty!”  – Cyrus Macharia (Licensed Since 2014)

    Cyrus Macharia


    The Staff is Both Friendly & Knowledgeable

    “In the time that I have been with Carleton Realty, I have always found the staff to be both friendly and knowledgeable. In this business, it is likely that you won’t have all the answers, but the staff is always available to help you through those times when you just aren’t sure. Bob, our broker, does a great job of keeping the office current of any Real Estate changes that may be coming. As a Carleton agent I feel empowered and confident.”  – Bill Hinterschied (Licensed Since 2002)



    Flexible Free Training & CE

    “My decision to join Carleton Realty was based on the integrity, honesty, and good reputation of the company. Not only is our broker, Bob Kutschbach, the best instructor, he also makes himself available to agents. The staff is always helpful and extremely knowledgeable, providing great support for the agents. The flexibility of the free training and CE classes is great, and I love working with Carleton Realty!” – Nancy Pugh (Licensed Since 2014)

    Nancy Pugh


    You Never Feel like You’re Out there by Yourself

    “I love working for Carleton Realty – it is a great company, with great people. The staff is very helpful. Everyone in our office is just like family. The training is awesome! You never feel like you’re out there by yourself. Anything you need is just a phone call away! Of course, Bob, our Broker, is awesome too! Great company to work for!”  – Laura Enright (Licensed Since 2014)

    Laura Enright


    Carleton Realty Stresses Customer Service

    “What I like most about Carleton Realty is the welcoming environment. When I first met with Carleton, it felt like being part of a family, not just another number in the system. Carleton has tremendous training for their agents and support for their clients. Carleton Realty stresses CUSTOMER SERVICE, making every clients’ experience exceptional.”  – Daniel Hartman (Licensed Since 2016)

    Daniel Hartman


    Ode to Carleton

     From many well traveled years to now being a newbie
     The learning curves and technology makes a person quite meek
     But broker and great staff are surely the key
     To handle people and problems with some fun that we all seek
     This amazing agency is the place that I am happy to be  – Harry Timmerman (Licensed Since 2016)

    Harry Timmerman


    The Staff is so Helpful

    “I have worked as an Agent for Carleton Realty for over 6 years. The staff has been so helpful in my learning and growth. Bob’s leadership as our Broker is the best.”  –  Jack Banks (Licensed Since 2010)

    Jack Banks


    I Needed a Brokerage that was Flexible

    “I needed a brokerage that was flexible with my other ventures. Carleton provided a structure that allows me to perform parallel with my efforts in other areas. If I need training, then Bob our broker, whom is also a professor, teaches us.”   – Casey Benedict (Licensed Since 2015)



    You Become “Family” – Not a Number

    “What I like most about “Carleton Realty” is the friendly and supportive staff! It seems as though every transaction has its own issues, and even though I’ve been licensed since 2011, I’m still learning. It’s nice to know you can call the office for help, and they will not make you feel like a burden! You become “family” – not a number!”  – Susie Herr (Licensed Since 2011)

    Susan Herr


    Quality Resources that are Unmatched in the Industry

    “The company culture is an extension of family. Carleton promotes your success with quality resources that are unmatched in the industry to include training, experience, continuing education, and exciting company meetings. All of the resources provided are relevant with a present broker in transactions.”  – Christopher Heilman (Licensed Since 2016)

    Chris Heilman


    Excellent Training

    “I have been with Carleton Realty since August of 2002. What I love about working for this company is the excellent training, the Real Estate knowledge that Bob and Diana shares, the low fees are low and there is no pressure from the owners. The staff has always be polite, professional and addresses all the questions you have during a transaction. Even after office house Bob and Diana are accessible to answer questions (except with they are on a cruise). What I love the most is company is that Bob and Diana don’t just see you as an agent. They see you and treat you as a person. If you make an error they don’t berate you or belittle you. They correct you in a professional and respectful manner.   They are two very genuine people that really care about you and your well being.  Bob, Diana and Carleton Realty was there for me during a very tragic time in my family’ life when my daughter passed away of cancer. For that I am forever grateful. There is nothing another brokerage can do for me that Carleton Realty can’t.”  – Ian Alls (Licensed Since 2002)

    Ian Alls



    Treated Like Family

    “At Carleton Realty, you’re like family.  Bob, the broker, and Diana, his wife(the office Manager) have put together a staff that makes you feel like you belong here.  That combined with low fees, on-going free training and free CE, there is no better place to have your license.” -Wayne Rolson (Licensed Since 2015)

    WAyne Rolsen







    Phenomenal Training

    “Deciding which Brokerage to work with can be overwhelming. The Carleton Realty team was very transparent and helpful in making this decision. I have enjoyed the experience thus far. The training is constant and phenomenal. There are very low fees, which is very beneficial if you are just getting started and have a limited marketing budget. The teamwork is amazing. We all work together and all successes are celebrated.” -Rachel Grice (Licensed Since 2017)

    Rachel Grice







    Terrific Support

    “The training at CARLETON REALTY is top-notch! Bob Kutschbach and the entire staff do an excellent job providing thorough training and keeping me and their other agents up-to-date on relevant real estate matters. Bob and the staff are a joy to work with and they offer all of their agents terrific support! The fact that CARLETON REALTY does not charge monthly desk fees or franchise fees is just another reason to join and stay with CARLETON REALTY! “ -Karla Hatley (Licensed Since 2013)

    Karla Hatley







    Knowledgeable Leadership

    “I have heard several agents from other brokerages question whether they made the right choice. Since day one with Carleton Realty, I am proud to say that I have never questioned my decision to join Bob’s ever-growing team! Not only is he a knowledgeable leader and inspiring instructor, the entire staff is friendly, and all of the agents are always willing to assist when needed! Happy to be a part of the Carleton Realty family!” – Niki VanHorn (Licensed Since 2017)

    Niki VAnHorn