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Agent Testimonials

I got my real estate license nearly 5 years ago. At the time, my motivation was driven by my husband’s and my work as property rehabbers. In fact, we have bought, rehabbed and sold 10 properties over the last several years. But what I learned in that process was how much I LOVE the process of buying and selling. I love helping other people achieve their real estate goals. So what started out as something pretty narrowly defined, has grown into something bigger for me. What’s beautiful about Carleton Realty is the scale-ability. It’s a great place for a full-time agent, but it’s a great place for a part-time agent too!  It’s a family business and all of us are part of the family. It’s a great place to learn, and keep learning. Agents have the support of the Broker, the office staff and other agents every step of the way. ” 

-Laura Kissel (licensed since 2016)

“After 6 years in this business, I count myself very fortunate to have signed on with Carleton Realty. The training is top notch and the support from both the staff and other agents in the office is invaluable! My Broker, Bob Kutschbach knows every aspect of this business and is willing to share that knowledge and work with us individually to ensure that we as agents are successful. I can’t imagine working for any other brokerage!

-Gay Gatian (licensed since 2011)

“I enjoy being associated with an organization that prides itself on professional ethics and current industry and event training. I also share the broker’s passion with training in the real estate industry and reaching down in the details to understand the “why” behind financial forces and how they could impact our industry. The Carleton Realty team of agents is a great team to work with, but it is the knowledgeable and friendly staff that help to make my career a huge success.  I look forward to this dynamic market in the coming year. “

-Larry Bush (licensed since 2005)

“I have been a real estate agent for 20 years, and I have been with the same broker. There is a reason for that: Bob Kutschbach. He is very easy to talk to, and he is very knowledgeable. Those two qualities seldom belong to the same person. He cares about his agents, and he is always looking for ways to improve the company. “

-Daniel Thompson (licensed since 1996)

“Being a part of the Carleton Realty family, I have met and worked with a lot of friendly and helpful agents. Everyone at Carleton will pitch in to make sure a deal works from holding your listings open to helping each other with clients when an agent can’t be in two places at once! Carleton takes care of their agents by providing informative workshops to keep their agents connected. I look forward to the Annual Banquet where awards are given to the top agents, and you receive a ticket for every property closed for a chance to win a spot on the annual company cruise.”

-Gwendolyn McClure (licensed since 2008)

“The culture at Carleton Realty has helped me thrive as a REALTOR®. There is a lot of coaching, teaching and encouragement in a pressure free environment that produces success. “

-Perfect Nutor (licensed since 2006)

“After working for a “National Company” in another state, I knew I wanted something different when I moved to Ohio. I was looking for several things; a broker that believes integrity is number one, the ability to build my business without breaking the bank, and a company that believes continuous training is vital to the success of their agents. I found all three with Bob Kutschbach and the office staff at Carleton Realty.”

-Dianna Bourque (licensed since 2013)

“Carleton Realty is a market leader with a personal touch. The staff at Carleton Realty is very knowledgeable and always willing to share that knowledge with extensive weekly training along with regular communication updates. Everyone at Carleton Realty wants each other to succeed which creates a pleasant work environment and produces a positive synergy that helps catapult agents to new levels.”

-Rodney Rohr (licensed since 2005)

“I have really enjoyed being a Carleton Realty agent for the last 18 months. I initially chose Carleton for the training and the absence of monthly fees. The training opportunities have exceeded expectations, and the entire staff is so patient, and such a pleasure to work with! They may find all my questions annoying, but they hide it well. I have also enjoyed the diversity of our agents, and how supportive they are to one another. Overall, it has been a very successful and enjoyable start to my real estate career.”  

-Jennifer Carline (licensed since 2015)

“For years I have been fortunate to be part of the superb company, Carleton Realty. When I hear the name Carleton Realty, I visualize Bob and Diana Kutschbach along with their accredited and available staff. The Kutschbachs’ honesty, integrity, knowledge, and overall great experience is what Carleton Realty means to me. It has been my pleasure to be part of the Carleton team.”  

-John Grady (licensed since 2003)

“Being a REALTOR® is not easy, especially if you’re going solo. However, under Bob, our broker, and the help of the team members like Diana, Christina and Kay, you’ll get the support to make your business life easier. Free classes that you can take advantage of, and calls that won’t be ignored. I am happy to have joined this family. I can’t wait to be on the cruise – one of the benefits you can earn at Carleton Realty!”  

-Cyrus Macharia (licensed since 2014)

“In the time that I have been with Carleton Realty, I have always found the staff to be both friendly and knowledgeable. In this business, it is likely that you won’t have all the answers, but the staff is always available to help you through those times when you just aren’t sure. Bob, our broker, does a great job of keeping the office current of any Real Estate changes that may be coming. As a Carleton agent I feel empowered and confident.”

-Bill Hinterscheid (licensed since 2002)

“My decision to join Carleton Realty was based on the integrity, honesty, and good reputation of the company. Not only is our broker, Bob Kutschbach, the best instructor, he also makes himself available to agents. The staff is always helpful and extremely knowledgeable, providing great support for the agents. The flexibility of the free training and CE classes is great, and I love working with Carleton Realty!” 

-Nancy Pugh (licensed since 2014)

“I have worked as an Agent for Carleton Realty for over 6 years. The staff has been so helpful in my learning and growth. Bob’s leadership as our Broker is the best.”  

-Jack Banks (licensed since 2010)

“I needed a brokerage that was flexible with my other ventures. Carleton provided a structure that allows me to perform parallel with my efforts in other areas. If I need training, then Bob our broker, whom is also a professor, teaches us.”   

-Casey Benedict (licensed since 2015)

“What I like most about “Carleton Realty” is the friendly and supportive staff! It seems as though every transaction has its own issues, and even though I’ve been licensed since 2011, I’m still learning. It’s nice to know you can call the office for help, and they will not make you feel like a burden! You become “family” – not a number!”  

-Susie Herr (licensed since 2011)

“I have been with Carleton Realty since August of 2002. What I love about working for this company is the excellent training, the Real Estate knowledge that Bob and Diana shares, the low fees are low and there is no pressure from the owners. The staff has always be polite, professional and addresses all the questions you have during a transaction. Even after office house Bob and Diana are accessible to answer questions (except with they are on a cruise). What I love the most is company is that Bob and Diana don’t just see you as an agent. They see you and treat you as a person. If you make an error they don’t berate you or belittle you. They correct you in a professional and respectful manner.   They are two very genuine people that really care about you and your well being.  Bob, Diana and Carleton Realty was there for me during a very tragic time in my family’ life when my daughter passed away of cancer. For that I am forever grateful. There is nothing another brokerage can do for me that Carleton Realty can’t.”

-Ian Alls (licensed since 2002)

“The training at CARLETON REALTY is top-notch! Bob Kutschbach and the entire staff do an excellent job providing thorough training and keeping me and their other agents up-to-date on relevant real estate matters. Bob and the staff are a joy to work with and they offer all of their agents terrific support! The fact that CARLETON REALTY does not charge monthly desk fees or franchise fees is just another reason to join and stay with CARLETON REALTY! “

-Karla Hatley (licensed since 2013)

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